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Why Use Soil Industries

Experience counts

At Soil Industries our core work comprises soil testing/site classification, land capabilities and feature surveys. We undertake this type of work every day – it’s what we do and have been doing since 1997. We are not a firm that does this type of work on the side – you project will be personally attended to by an engineering Geologist.

Over the past 25 years we successfully completed tens of thousands of these projects to the satisfaction of our clients. We have large network of associates and a huge local knowledge base to draw upon. We run modern equipment and undergo continual professional development to keep up with the latest developments and ensure accuracy in our work.

Phone: 0400 933 042


Address: PO Box 1114, Grovedale, VIC 3216

The right people for the job

We will only send out a highly experienced engineering geologist to your job. The geologist will examine your site and complete the fieldwork. Most importantly the same geologist will then write the required reports – it is the most accurate way to work. One job – one person is our philosophy.

We visit each site personally and like to get our hands dirty. This gives us a much better understanding of the conditions present on your particular site and avoids simple “cookie cutter” type reports. It enables us to write a report that is both more precise and give a wider range of customised solutions.

We do not send out junior staff to log bores, only then to have reports written by personnel in an office who have never been to your site. This has the potential for miss-interpretation and communication errors leading to costly mistakes and delays.

Personal Service

At Soil Industries we enjoy engaging with our clients. We are happy to help and offer any extra guidance that you require – all you have to do is make contact with our office team. In addition, you can speak directly to the Geologist who undertakes your job 7 days a week. This all adds up to a highly personalised, client experience that is both accurate and cost-effective.

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