Soil Testing / Site Classification

Soil tests or site classifications are undertaken to assess the sub-surface soil conditions of a site enabling the design of appropriate building foundations. At Soil Industries we use experienced geologists equipped with purpose built 4WD mounted drilling rigs to undertake all aspects of soil testing. This involves a geologist attending the site and taking note of important site and soil features in addition to drilling a number of test bores where the proposed building is to be located. Once completed, the site is classified in accordance with Australian Standard-2870 (Residential Slabs and Footings) and a comprehensive report is then issued.

In addition to a soil test we are often provide wind loadings, feature surveys and Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) assessments while on site as this information is usually required for a building permit. Our site investigation team has a wealth of experience in a range of contexts.

We can provide site investigations for:

• Building Extensions;

• Pre-purchase Site Investigations;

• New Houses;

• Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

Site Investigation Services include:

Inspection of the site for abnormalities such as fill etc. drilling of two test holes to at least 2.5 metres deep for Standard Houses and Extensions depending on the location;drilling of two or more test holes to at least 2.5 metres deep for industrial and commercial buildings; visual classification of bore hole soil profile and collection of disturbed samples; laboratory testing of appropriate soil sample and a moisture content profile of one test hole; site classification in accordance with AS2870 and preparation of the report covering the above.