Soil Industries is a dynamic and progressive company that specialises in geotechnical testing and feature surveys for the building and construction industries. We deliver our clients a personalised and prompt service. We maintain a common-sense approach to our work whilst still providing excellent value. Soil Industries has a depth of experience extending back over 15 years. We pride our selves in only using only qualified and highly experienced staff in all aspects of work.

We service Victoria’s largest residential home builders and engineering firms, government departments, building professionals including architects and draft persons down to one-off projects and the smallest building extension. We operate through Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs and the western, central and north-western regions of Victoria.

About Simon Christie

Soil Industries was founded by Simon Christie who is a qualified geologist graduating from the University of Ballarat Victoria with an honors degree in Applied Science (Geology). After completing his degree Simon commenced work with geotechnical testing firms specialising in soil testing through out Western Victoria and Melbourne. After gaining valuable on the job knowledge and experience Simon established Soil Industries with a philosophy that remains paramount to him today and throughout his company.

Our philosophy is simple:

Our primary goal is to provide a high quality service for our clients. This means providing the right solution efficiently at a cost effective price.

We use staff who are “hands-on”, qualified and highly experienced at all stages of our work. We use the latest industry specific technology including the correct and calibrated testing equipment.

Staff are provided with ongoing training to ensure we are up to date with the latest standards and advancements in technology.